A new story. This time posted here on the same day as at Big Closet.

In a World of Ordinary Mortals went up on Big Closet in August. I didn’t get round to posting it here till now. Hope you enjoy.

Gloriously Linda, which was originally posted on BigCloset as a competition entry, and Lara Croft – The True Origin, a piece of fan fiction which started off as a competition entry until I realised the comp had closed a year earlier. Anyway, enjoy

Another new story. Only a short one this time. Originally posted as a competition entry at Big Closet. All about going back to school post op.

I finished this story a while ago, but have now finally found the time to update it on this site. Funny really, I ought to put things here first now.

The toolbar now has a “Talk to me” button. I’m still groping my way around wordpress, but this gives an option to email me annonymously if you feel like saying anything.

I’m approaching the end of a new novelette entitled Lifeswap. It’s been a while in the writing largely because life keeps getting in the way. Wouldn’t mind a magic green bowl myself some day. Anyway, chapter 1 is available on Big Closet Top Shelf and also under Stories E-L on this site or you can go straight to it by clicking here.

A new story. Part fantasy, part science fiction. Imagine a world where some people have the capacity to shape reality with their thoughts. Imagine going to school and being the focus of such a person whose only goal is to humiliate you; who thinks that the best way to humiliate you is to dress you like a girl, reshape you like a girl, in part…

This one isn’t in any of the ebooks yet.

This website is now online.