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A Fairy Tale Romance – Cole has given up on Halloween. Even the opportunity to dress up doesn’t excite him anymore. But then a fairy appears to him and gives him the opportunity to attend a royal ball exactly as he’s always wanted to be. The evening doesn’t end up being quite the dream he first imagined though. ( ~17,500 words)

A Night of Terror and Self-discovery – Brandon Phillips and Charlotte Mattesson are invited to a Halloween costume party at a nearby castle along with a number of friends from their school. Costumes are provided, but Brandon’s not very impressed when he’s cast in the role of heroine. Things get stranger when, at the stroke of midnight, a lightning strike causes them all to be transformed for real. (~19,000 words)

A Path Less Travelled – Damien’s wife can’t cope with his cross dressing. She gives him an ultimatum, either the clothes go or she does. Damien’s not prepared to give up on their marriage yet, so persuades her to accept a compromise, a different route that might work out better for both of them. (~8,500 words)

Back To the Grind – Starting back at school post op. It’s not the most welcoming of environments, and Jack – now Jackie – Swan is unsure of teh welcome that now awaits her (~5,000 words)

Beyond Fury Road – A broken world. A future in free-fall. A man destroyed when a savage and senseless attack tears everything of value from him and leaves him with nothing but hate and the hope of revenge. He will do anything to gain vengeance. Anything. But will he find the answers he needs on Fury Road, or do they lie somewhere beyond? (~16,500 words)

Blood and Desire – Ding dong the witch is dead? Not quite like that. There’s this delivery guy at the door with a package from some solicitors I’ve never heard of. Hortense Willikins? Wasn’t she that old lady who lived down the road? And why on Earth would she leave me an empty journal in her will? (~5,000 words)

Booted – Rupert is a successful bank manager and, as his fortieth birthday approaches, he’s hopeful that he’ll be offered a place on the bank’s board of governors. His wife buys him a generous gift: A pair of boots from Henry Harrelson’s – boots made to fit your feet and your personality. Only these aren’t the sort of boots a bank manager might wear, and the kind gesture promises to turn into a crash and burn career wise, not to mention the affect it might have on his marriage. Can Rupert salvage anything from the wreckage? (~7,000 words)

Butterflies – If the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a tornado in Texas… (~13,500 words)

Crossmatched – A breakdown. A chance meeting. Two lonely people, making the best of the lives they’ve been given. Two lonely people who don’t fit well enough to find happiness. Two lonely people at odds with the world. Perhaps this will work. Perhaps they’re crossmatched. (~15,000 words)

Double Dare – Steven isn’t the most popular kid in school. He keeps himself to himself most of the time, then a couple lads dare him to ask out the most beautiful girl in the school, and one thing Steven can’t turn his back on is a dare. When he asks the question, the ante is upped as she dares him to go out with her dressed as a girl. (~20,000 words)

Dress fitting – Usually a dress fitting involves adjusting the clothes to fit the body. Usually, but not always… (~2,500 words)

Eugenics – I learnt something about flatworms the other day and it spawned this idea. Deeper research suggests that what I learnt wasn’t entirely true, but then I suspect that the same can be said for pretty much all the other science references here. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the story even so… (~4,500 words)

Fortune Favours – Richard just got stood up. That’s the problem with Internet dating though, you don’t know if there’s any chemistry until you meet, and this time there evidently wasn’t. Still, it’s not been a complete wast of time. A couple of tables over voices have been raised and Richard recognises an opportunity when he comes across one. Fortune favours the brave and, if he can find enough courage, this just might be worth sticking his neck out for… (~5,500 words)

Ghost Writer –  Mike has writer’s block. His agent sends him to a remote cottage in the Highlands of Scotland to try and get back on track. Soaked in a storm and without his luggage, he ends up dressing in the clothes of the woman who lived in the cottage before him. Over the next few days, the woman’s ghost possesses him and writes her story through him. Unexpected changes accompany the process. (~8,000 words)

Gregory’s Gift – My brother Greg has had a sadness about him for longer than I can remember, especially at Christmas. It’s only recently that I’ve begun to suspect the reason for this, and now I have a plan to reach out. It means taking a risk, and that scares the shit out of me, but I think that if I can give him the right present this year… (~14,000 words)

Happily Ever After – It started with the birth of a long awaited child. Then there was a blessing – or to be more precise three blessings – then a curse, then a spell, then somewhere along the line another birth – well four actually, but one that stood out. What happened next was… well it’s easier of you read it for yourselves. (~39,000 words)

Heaven Can Wait – A tribute (with somewhat shameless ‘borrowing’ from the 1978 film starring Warren Beatty), with a few inevitable changes of my own, although I’ve done my best to set it around the same time. (~18,000 words)

If Wishes Were Horses – Life is tough, then you die. Sooner rather than later if you really can’t cope. That is of course unless you’re run over by someone who has already had a magical encounter, and hasn’t been corrupted by getting everything she wants. (~5,000 words)

Jigsaw pieces – A trip to a shopping mall. A sympathetic shop assistant. A chance to be who I am inside just for a few minutes. Will it end when I step out of the changing room or is there the possibility for more? (~21,500 words)

Little Pink Mini – Eric’s Gran left him a car in her will, only it’s not quite what he expected. In time the unusual bequest pushes him to face some hidden truths inside himself, and from there face off against some people who don’t want to accept that such truths should exist. (~11,000 words)

Luck be a Lady – Charlie’s been invited to a stag party at a casino. He’s been given a hundred pounds worth of chips to gamble away as he likes, but he’s really not interested. Then he meets an attractive young woman with startling green eyes. Maybe she’ll change his luck, but how much? (~10,000 words)

Lifeswap – It’s just a stupid party game; the sort you’d only agree to play when your drunk. Chuck your key sin a bowl and choose someone else’s, then you get to pretend to be them for the rest of the evening. What Jerry Newman doesn’t know though, is that the bowl is magical and can actually swap your consciousness into the body of the person whose keys you choose. Which means someone else can take over yours. What starts out as an elaborate attempt to steal the wealth of somewhat gullible bank manager and his bank turns into something a whole lot more complicated when a mysterious woman in a red dress appears. (~100,000 words)

Making Peace – An old lady lies in a hospital bed, waiting to die. What happens next. (~6,500 words)

Marigold – A man comes into the police station wearing a pair of women’s gloves. His story was… unusual. (~1,500 words)

Miracle of Science – Guys just don’t go for secretarial jobs. I mean however much we strive for equality, in the real world the best qualifications for such work are the ones nature gave you – assuming of course you’re young, female and stacked like an overloaded forklift. James Sandford was none of these. Going on fifty, recently out of work and running out of cash, he was desperate. Desperate enough that when he saw the advert – no discrimination, no prior experience needed – he figured it was worth a shot, even though he was the only guy there. The thing is when you work in a leading high tech solutions company even a secretarial job isn’t necessarily what you’d expect… (~7,500 words)

Nearnia – Four brothers are evacuated into the countryside to escape the Blitz. They find lodging with an odd, reclusive old professor and his stern housekeeper. One tedious, rainy day, one of the boys finds his way into a room with a strange wardrobe, and steps through it into a world of wonder and magic. (~7,000 words)

Santa Baby – Chris had a secret that was burning a hole in his soul. He’d tried to share it with his wife some years before, but she hadn’t been ready to hear it then, so he’d kept hidden and struggled on as best he could. Most of the time he did pretty well, but at stressful times like Christmas it would rise close to the surface, near enough for others to notice.
Ann loved her husband and she knew there was something deep inside him that was tearing him apart. She longed to know what it was, to help him, but somehow the time was never right. She had griefs of her own to bear, but she always found her thoughts returning to Chris.
Emily needs a home for Christmas. All too recent memories of seeing her parents violently attacked has left her traumatised and in need of love.
Christmas is a magical time when people pray and wish harder than at other times of the year. Perhaps at such a time there’s a way they can all be helped… (~13,500 words)

Schrödinger and me – So this lab offers to pay me a humungous amount of cash to take part in their variation on some thought experiment. I mean what was I going to do? The whole thing was never intended to be anything more than a discussion starter, so if these guys want to throw their money, who am I to turn it down? Don’t mess with quantum physics guys, it’s weird shit. (~11,500 words)

Scout – Arthur Denton (parents had a sense of humour) has just turned seventeen. He’s been waiting for this day for most of his life, because today he’s old enough to apply to join the Fleet Scout Service. It’s not just the thrill of adventure that attracts him either, you see they promise to turn him into the person he’s always wanted to be. (~4,000 words)

Silver Lining – In a world where population, poverty and crime are spiralling out of control, the future looks bleak. Given the choice would you elect to live in the real world as it fell into chaos around you, or would you take the opportunity to live out the remainder of your life in a virtual paradise. Of course there may be some additional benefits to taking the virtual option… (~5,500 words)

Snap – Two people living each other’s lives. They meet and things snap into place. (~35,000 words)

Summerswitch – Jerry Newington is having trouble fitting into his new school. No-one is in a rush to extend the hand of friendship, the school bully has him in his sights, and worst of all he has fallen for a girl in his year who doesn’t seem to know he exists. When the school year ends badly, Jerry is offered the chance to go stay with his Aunt for a few weeks. On the train he meets a girl who’s pretty and fun to be with and they decide to spend some time together, but Jerry can’t forget the girl he left behind. His new friend is disappointed but offers him a gift. It is unusual, special and has consequences neither of them could possibly expect. Whatever the outcome, this is a summer they will both remember. (~58,000 words)

Switching tracks – Chris Bradley hates his life. Ever since he can remember he’s wanted to dress like a girl, but boys just don’t do that do they? So far, whether it be fear of discovery or concern for the way his friends and family might react, he’s managed to behave in the way a normal guy is supposed to, but it’s getting harder. Right now he’s reacting like any teenager would – with angry rebellion. Last night he had a dream though. He can’t remember it but it was significant, that much he knows. Now there is something subtly different with the world around him, if only he can figure out what… (~10,000 words)

The Bewitching of Charlie Thatcher – Charlie Thatcher wanted to be a witch, but the old woman wasn’t prepared to teach him what she considered to be a woman’s profession. He suggested a solution, but her version of it wasn’t quite what he was expecting. (~36,000 words)

The Last of Magic – Sometimes you have to give up on your dreams. A longing to be petite, young and beautiful is unrealistic for someone who’s six foot one and just entering his fifties. Sometimes your dreams don’t give up on you you though. A chance encounter in a remote Turkish village, a strange story and an even stranger offer. Perhaps it’s not too late for dreams to come true. (~9,500 words)

The Suitcase – A bereavement, a suitcase full of secrets, a letter. Sometimes the most unexpected things change lives. Whether for better or for worse depends on the decisions we make. (~6,000 words)

The Way into Wonderland – Peter Sanders has lost everything. His wife, his children, his business, even his house is gone and he has come home looking for comfort. With his parents dead and his childhood home sold to some stranger, the only place he can turn is the park where he spent so much time when he was younger. But the world is not as it seems, as Peter is about to discover. Guided by a magical coin to confront an ancient and powerful evil, he has only his wits and courage to protect the world from a fate too horrendous to contemplate. If he can prevail though perhaps he can win back more than he has lost and become who he has always wanted to be…(~14,500 words)

The Way You See Me – Sometimes things are that dark you don’t even know there’s a way out. Sometimes you need a friend to show you. (~44,500 words)

Too Good to be True – Michael’s new apartment is too good to be true. Immense, beautifully furnished and cheaper than his last place. Sometimes when fortune smiles you smile back and accept what it offers you. Other times, with Halloween just round the corner and a killer on the loose, it might have been as well to ask a few questions first… (~25,500 words)

Toymaker – Todd Rains has just arrived on a frontier world, looking for a place he can breath without being told when and where he’s allowed to, but there’s something a little off with this world. Is it the paradise he’s been looking for or has he jumped out of the frying pan into a very hot fire? (~17,500 words)

Trick of the Mind – Richard – University Student. Not a fan of hypnotists, but is persuaded to go to a show at the student bar. Gets invited up on stage where things get interesting. (~118,000 words total)

What Women Want – Shane has no idea what women want. He has a rejuve coming up and decides to use it to find out for himself. (~11,000 words)

You Meant it for Evil – Kevin’s friends are tired of him playing third wheel. They send him along to a singles bar to find himself a girlfriend. The woman he meets starts him off on an adventure which leads in so many unexpected directions. (~187,000 words total)