All stories on this site are available as eBook downloads from this page. The shorter ones have been collected into anthologies with the two longer ones standing alone.

The Anthologies are grouped by genre, with one collection of science fiction stories, three of fantasy stories incorporating magic or similar, and two of fictional stories with a basis in reality.

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Title Contents Format
A Touch of Realism 1 Fortune Favours, Gregory’s Gift, Little Pink Mini, Luck be a Lady, Making Peace, The Way you See Me ePub Mobi
A Touch of Realism 2 A Path Less Travelled, Crossmatched, Double Dare, Jigsaw Pieces, Nearnia, Santa Baby, The Suitcase ePub Mobi
Fantasy Collection 1 Booted, Ghost Writer, Snap, The Bewitching of Charlie Thatcher, The Way into Wonderland ePub Mobi
Fantasy Collection 2 A Fairy Tale Romance, Heaven Can Wait, If Wishes Were Horses, Marigold, Summerswitch ePub Mobi
Fantasy Collection 3 A Night of Terror and Self-Discovery, Blood and Desire, Dress Fitting, Happily Ever After, The Last of Magic, Too Good to be True ePub Mobi
Science Fiction Collection Beyond Fury Road, Butterflies, Eugenics, Miracle of Science, Schrodinger and Me, Scout, Silver Lining, Switching Tracks, Toymaker, What Women Want ePub Mobi
Trick of the Mind Trick of the Mind ePub Mobi
You Meant it for Evil You Meant it for Evil ePub Mobi