Science Fiction

Beyond Fury Road – A broken world. A future in free-fall. A man destroyed when a savage and senseless attack tears everything of value from him and leaves him with nothing but hate and the hope of revenge. He will do anything to gain vengeance. Anything. But will he find the answers he needs on Fury Road, or do they lie somewhere beyond? (16,530 words)

Butterflies – If the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a tornado in Texas… (13,375 words)

Eugenics – I learnt something about flatworms the other day and it spawned this idea. Deeper research suggests that what I learnt wasn’t entirely true, but then I suspect that the same can be said for pretty much all the other science references here. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the story even so… (4,268 words)

Gloriously Linda – Total Recal eat your heart out. If you’re paying for a virtual holiday, why not actually go on it rather tan just get the memories? Especially when you’re offered a chance to relive your wedding an honeymoon from each other’s perspective. Things don’t work out quite as planned, but then what would you expect (29,987 words)

Miracle of Science – Guys just don’t go for secretarial jobs. I mean however much we strive for equality, in the real world the best qualifications for such work are the ones nature gave you – assuming of course you’re young, female and stacked like an overloaded forklift. James Sandford was none of these. Going on fifty, recently out of work and running out of cash, he was desperate. Desperate enough that when he saw the advert – no discrimination, no prior experience needed – he figured it was worth a shot, even though he was the only guy there. The thing is when you work in a leading high tech solutions company even a secretarial job isn’t necessarily what you’d expect… (7,495 words)

Schrödinger and me – So this lab offers to pay me a humungous amount of cash to take part in their variation on some thought experiment. I mean what was I going to do? The whole thing was never intended to be anything more than a discussion starter, so if these guys want to throw their money, who am I to turn it down? Don’t mess with quantum physics guys, it’s weird shit. (11,374 words)

Scout – Arthur Denton (parents had a sense of humour) has just turned seventeen. He’s been waiting for this day for most of his life, because today he’s old enough to apply to join the Fleet Scout Service. It’s not just the thrill of adventure that attracts him either, you see they promise to turn him into the person he’s always wanted to be. (4,009 words)

Silver Lining – In a world where population, poverty and crime are spiralling out of control, the future looks bleak. Given the choice would you elect to live in the real world as it fell into chaos around you, or would you take the opportunity to live out the remainder of your life in a virtual paradise. Of course there may be some additional benefits to taking the virtual option… (5,246 words)

Switching tracks – Chris Bradley hates his life. Ever since he can remember he’s wanted to dress like a girl, but boys just don’t do that do they? So far, whether it be fear of discovery or concern for the way his friends and family might react, he’s managed to behave in the way a normal guy is supposed to, but it’s getting harder. Right now he’s reacting like any teenager would – with angry rebellion. Last night he had a dream though. He can’t remember it but it was significant, that much he knows. Now there is something subtly different with the world around him, if only he can figure out what… (10,157 words)

Toymaker – Todd Rains has just arrived on a frontier world, looking for a place he can breath without being told when and where he’s allowed to, but there’s something a little off with this world. Is it the paradise he’s been looking for or has he jumped out of the frying pan into a very hot fire? (17,675 words)

What Women Want – Shane has no idea what women want. He has a rejuve coming up and decides to use it to find out for himself. (10,763 words)